Wednesday, January 8, 2014

20 time update

Right now, I have not done any follow throughs with my 20 time project. I plan to start making posters and advertising my plan so that more people will be aware. I also plan to buy the paper, markers, and other supplies to make the cards. In the future, I would like to go to Hershey hospital and meet the children. I would also like to personally deliver the cards and money that were made. I have decided that I will start the organization at the start of spring when the weather is warmer.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Helping others with my passion

The things I have researched will help other people with the same passion as me because they will know basic information that they might not have known before or to get them more interested in it. For example, it could talk about salary, education, and job availability. This could help someone who needs more information about a specific topic. I could also show somebody career opportunities that apply for their passion.
  I have not done anything yet with my 20 time project but I plan to contact the Hershey medical center to ask if our project will be able to be supplied their. Also, if they could give us names of the patients their. Also, asking family, friends, and teachers if they wish to help us and donate money and a get well card.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Jobs created from my passion

Two jobs that could be pursued from my passion, helping others and children, include teaching and journalism. I can teach other children the education they need to build up their future. Journalism can help other people know the news that's going on around them. Being interested in a teaching career can only be done by getting a bachelors degree but getting a higher degree is better. Also, volunteering in tutoring programs or getting involved with day cares or other teaching centers can be good opportunities to practice your interest. Lastly, participating in teacher education programs in college can be a good way to experience teaching. Ways to become a journalist include participating in school newspapers, radio stations, and television in high school and college to get a feel what the profession is all about. Also, going to a college that offers a communications program so you can experience all jobs in the journalist profession. It's a good idea to write all the time to get better. I don't find anything wrong with what I had to do to reach my goals.

Monday, November 11, 2013

What I've learned

      The most important thing I've learned through this project is patience and public speaking. Some of my projects authorities didn't answer or took awhile for us to hear back from them so we had to be patient. When we had to present the project in front of the class and the teachers, I got very nervous because I am not good with speaking in front of others so this was practice for me to get better. These  things I've learned will help me complete this project because I will need to use these for the rest of my project for different things. Patience and public speaking will be used for the rest of my life because I will need patience with people and other work I do. I will also do a lot of public speaking with jobs and projects in my other classes.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Cards 4 cure

Are new project is called cards 4 cure and is an organization where you donate $2 dollars and get to make a get well card for a child at the Children's hospital of Philadelphia. I have learned that working in the real world is a lot harder then it looks. Will working in the real world, you will experience a lot of problems along the way and you will have to use your problem solving skills since there wont be anyone to guide you. I have used a real life experience during this project because I had to call the group that we were going to use as our official authority. This project has helped me improve my critical thinking because I experienced a lot of problems and had to change them in order to get done what needed to be done.

Monday, October 21, 2013

contacting the authority

I didn't get to contact the Youth development center of York County yet because I decided to change the group we will donate too. I changed it because I realized the kids at the Youth development Center of York County only stay their for 30 days before they have to leave. I changed the donation group to the Children's hospital of Philadelphia. All of the birthday cards and money donations will be given to the children their. I will ask them the same questions except a different location. We are hoping that with this change, we can get more information with the children their.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Asking professional help

A company I will contact about my organization is going to be the Youth Development Center of York County Pennsylvania. This is the perfect company for me because this is the group I will donate my birthday cards and money to. Also, because this company shelters children and family's in need. I will call the Youth Development center and ask them questions including how many children they have, their names and ages, and their date of birth. I will also ask them what they could use the extra money for.
I think that asking the president of the group what each individual child's interests and hobbies are can help make the birthday cards more special. Calling the center and asking them questions about the children there will help me to learn about them.